Professional Manicure/Pedicure System

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Kit includes an 8 piece
system – complete set for shaping, filing and polishing nails, nail dryer,
cord/cordless design, deluxe storage case and more!

8 piece system

The product comes complete with thirteen professional-style manicure and pedicure tools.

Manicure & Pedicure Shaping Discs 
Choose from the fine, medium, or coarse shaping discs that most suits the nail's thickness. For smaller, thinner fingernails, use the fine shaping disc (Insert A). For thicker nails such as toenails, use the coarse shaping disc (Insert B). Lightly apply the disc to the edge of your nail, moving the unit along the side of the nail until you achieve the shape and smoothness you desire.

Filing Cones
The thin, filing cone (Insert C) files away rough edges around nails and removes dry skin. It can also be used to treat ingrown nails and other problem nails. The thick filing cone (Insert D) is perfect for thicker nails and toenails. Gently apply the cone to the area that needs attention, pausing frequency to monitor your progress.

Sapphire Cone
Use the sapphire cone (Insert E) to remove rough and dry skin around the nail and soften calluses. Lightly apply the cone to the skin, using a back and forth motion. Stop treatment if irritation occurs.

Polishing Disc
When finished filing, lightly buff the nail surface to smooth edges and add shine (Insert F).

Cuticle Care
Use the cuticle lifter (Insert G) or cuticle stick to push back your cuticle beds. NOTE: For best results, first soak cuticles in warm water to soften.

Nail Brush
When finished filing your nails and grooming cuticles use the nail brush (Insert H) to cleanse under nails and around cuticle beds.

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