Deluxe Salon Acrylic Kit

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This is the complete
professional kit for multiple acrylic nails and fills. Now do this salon
process easily and conveniently from your own home at a price you can afford.
This kit contains all the necessary components, all housed in a handy case.

20 French Tips, 40 Natural Tips, Clear Acrylic Powder 0.32 oz. (9 g), Acrylic Liquid 0.50 fl. oz. (14.7 ml), Ultra Quick? Nail Glue 0.10 oz. (3 g), Ultrabond? Primer 0.12 fl. oz. (3.5 ml), Buffing Block, Professional 2 Way File, Sculpting Brush, Dappen Dish, Manicure Stick


  1. Protect working surface with paper towel
  2. Nails should be free from polish and all nail products
  3. Push cuticles back with manicure stick
  4. To ensure proper adhesion to natural nails, use fine side of buffer and lightly buff the shine from your nails
  5. Brush on two coats of Nail Primer & Prep. Let dry 45 seconds. This will prepare the natural nail so the acrylic nails will last longer
  6. You may proceed with nail tip application or use the nail forms to build your acrylic nails

Nail Tip Application

  1. Select nail tip by matching the width of your natural nail to the width of the nail tip.  If necessary, file sides of the tip for a perfect tip
  2. Apply a small amount of glue to the nail tip where it will overlap the natural nail
  3. Place nail tip on natural nail until ridge of nail tip meets natural nail tip. Press firmly for 10 seconds or until bonded
  4. Trim nail tips to desired length and shape with the purple side of the nail file
  5. Complete the nail tip application on all 10 nails BEFORE “ACRYLIC APPLICATION”

Nail Form Application

  1. Remove a nail form from the paper
  2. Bend form slightly to form an arch by holding the outside edges of the nail form between your thumb and index finger of your opposite hand
  3. Slide the arched form under the natural nail tip. Wrap the ends of the form around the sides to the top of your finger
  4. The nail form should extend straight out from the finger, creating a smooth extension of your natural nail. This will be your guide to form your acrylic nail
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on next nail and then proceed with Acrylic Application

Acrylic Application

You may want to experiment on an extra nail tip or the paper towel before applying product on your nails.

  1. Pour Acrylic Liquid into purple “dampen” dish. Only fill ½ of the dish, as you can always pour in more acrylic liquid, but you can’t pour used acrylic liquid back into the bottle
  2. Dip the sculpturing brush into the Acrylic liquid and wipe off the excess liquid on the side of the dish
  3. Place the tip of the sculpturing brush on the acrylic powder surface and slowly drag across until a small ball of acrylic forms. Do not touch the side of the jar. The ball of acrylic should look dry with powder not yet absorbed on the outside
  4. Place acrylic ball in the center of the nail where nail tip edge (or nail form) meets natural nail
  5. After placing the acrylic ball, wipe the brush on a paper towel to remove excess product. Dip brush into the acrylic liquid, if necessary, and brush on paper towel in order to remove any dried product. Brush should be kept dry as possible
  6. Ball of product will start to self-level, lightly blend into a smooth surface by patting acrylic side-to-side over the width of the nail and then brush forward to the front edge of the nail tip or if using a nail form, to the line where you want the length of your finished acrylic nail
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 and then place a second smaller ball of acrylic behind the first one closer towards the cuticle
  8. Pat acrylic toward, but not touching, cuticle to cover entire natural nail. Lightly brush formula forward from cuticle to cover full length of nail, smoothing the surface as you go. To [prevent lifting, the acrylic must be thin near the cuticle
  9. Apply a third ball of product, if necessary, to cover entire nail

10.  Repeat, steps 2-9 on remaining nails, until all are complete

Finishing Nails

  1. Allow the acrylic to dry for at least 3-5 minutes. To test for dryness, tap on nail with the cuticle stick. You should hear a clicking sound
  2. Remove nail form, if used
  3. Lightly buff the top of the nail with the gray/purple file
  4. With the white finishing buffer, lightly buff nail smooth to the touch
  5. Wash and dry hands thoroughly
  6. Nailene’s Deluxe Salon Acrylic Nails can be worn with or without polish. For best results, apply top coat
  7. To change or remove polish, use a non-acetone nail polish remover


  1. Clean the sculpturing brush. Dip the brush into the acrylic liquid and wipe clean on a paper towel. Dry brush on a clean paper towel
  2. Pour any excess liquid in the dampen dish into the paper towel and dispose of
  3. Remove any balls of acrylic formula from the acrylic powder. Re-cap and tighten lid

Filling Nails

After ten days, your natural nails will have frown, therefore, revealing new nail growth and requiring what is referred to as a “fill”

  1. Remove polish and clean & dry nails thoroughly
  2. Lightly buff acrylic nail with the white buffer, to avoid thick layers of acrylic
  3. Brush on Nail Primer & Prep to the exposed natural nail area only, Allow to dry for 45 seconds
  4. Then follow acrylic application


Clip nail tips back to length of natural nail, soak in acetone nail polish remover until nails begin to soften. With a coarse file, buff off softened product and continue soaking. Repeat until all product is removed. WARNING: Do not break or peel off artificial nails, as you may damage your natural nails

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