Blogger Of The Month: Llymlrs

Our Blogger of the Month is LLYMLRS and here is a little bit of background about her:

What does LLYMLRS mean?
LLYMLRS is my name (Lily Melrose) without vowels.

How did your blog get to popular?
I really don’t know, It just sort of happened. I hardly had any followers (about 100 or so) at the beginning of 2010, and it all sort of exploded from there! I just found my niche and then ran with it! My blog wasn’t a overnight success and I think you must try and be as patient as you can and keep going and working hard at achieving your goals

How do you do your nails?
I either use Nailene 200 full cover nails in active square or these from ebay. The Nailene ones dont need any prep as they are small and easy to stick on and go, but the cheaper ebay ones require alot of effort to shape them. Its so easy to do nail art on the eBay ones, as I tend to paint them before I actually put them on, saves having to wait for them to dry! I use Nailene Quick Dry Nail glue on them, I change them every 5-7 days. My nails are ruined from years and years of acrylics, so I’ve not noticed any difference since using them.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our favorite blog entries: