Adhesive Tabs 28 Tabs-Short

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Nailene’s Ultra Adhesive Tabs will not damage the
natural nail, and they’re long lasting – wear up 5 days. Easy to apply and
remove. No soaking required. 

28 Adhesive Tabs (7 sizes)

NAIL APPLICATION: Choose the size that will fit your nail the best. With your fingers or a pair of tweezers remove the tab from sheet and place sticky side on nail with rounded edge near cuticle, without touching cuticle and sides of the nail, Press the tab flat to the nail, pressing out any bubbles, Peel off protective backing, Apply artificial nail on top and firmly press on

TO REMOVE: Do not pull nails off - it could cause damage, Press down on nail and slide artificial nail off natural nail, Roll adhesive off natural nail, If necessary use polish remover to remove any remaining adhesive

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    Rachel Hoffert

    Love the product. Have tried others in the past and they didn't stick. These work great.

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