Acrylic Fill Kit

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Perfect for re-fills to Nailene’s Professional and Deluxe Salon Acrylic Kits. Also includes our crack resistant acrylic powder which helps your nails stay stronger. 

5g/0.20 oz. Clear Acrylic Powder 14.7ml/0.50 fl. oz., Acrylic Liquid, 1 Buffer, Sculpting Brush

NAIL APPLICATION: Remove polish from nails. Buff nails lightly then wash hands thoroughly, Pour acrylic liquid into a glass bowl, filling half way. Dip brush into acrylic liquid, wiping off excess on side of bowl, Slowly drag tip of brush across powder surface until a small ball forms, Place acrylic ball near cuticle, Blend into a smooth surface by patting side to side over the width of the nail and brushing forward, Repeat process on remaining nails, When acrylic products are completely dry file and smooth nails, Finish with the polish of your choice

TO REMOVE: Soak in acetone polish remover until artificial nails dissolve, Do not break or peel off nails

TO CHANGE POLISH: Use non-acetone polish remover

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